Those Days


Yeah, you know those days. Or, those few days.

We returned from a huge trip late Sunday night (technically early Monday morning). And I’m now sitting in the doctors office for the third time…since Monday night. Little is sick, but hopefully recovering. Big just had a throat swab for strep. I’m hopeful it’s negative.

Thankfully my Beloved rocked the laundry do the mountain is now a hill. The hill’s growing, but we’ll defeat it.

We’re all tired, and we could all use some good sleep. I think that’s my plan for tonight.

Through this week I’m very grateful. Grateful we’re normally very healthy. Grateful we rarely have to see the doctor. Grateful for ERs and good medicine that works quickly. Grateful for insurance. Grateful that we homeschool and can recover on our own schedule. Most of all, I’m grateful for the Great Physician.


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