Pinterest — A Win!

The other day I was reading through Pinterest, and I came across the cutest idea for a gift. Now, our recent King of Random fail made me a little leary, but I decided to try it anyway.

Here is a link to the original idea. The concept is simple – a gift in a large glass jar around a theme. The theme we (Big and I) liked was the “orange” idea. The sample was an “Orange you glad it’s Christmas” jar, but we went with an “Orange you glad we’re friends” jar to cheer a friend.

This was our final product:


Big made the adorable tag to look like an orange soda label!imageI won’t gloat too much, because another Pinterest fail will come all too soon, but this thing was ADORABLE!! I will totally make one of these again. The jar itself was under $7.50 and is totally reusable, and all the contents were under $10. It was a blast to make, and even more fun to know that we made someone’s day. I will definitely try another theme – and maybe one really soon since a friend has a busy week ahead….now the gears are turning… 🙂


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