New Orleans School Of Cooking Follow Up – Our Cooking “Lab”

I mentioned in a post a few days ago about how much the kids and I LOVED our trip to the New Orleans School of Cooking. One of the things we learned how to make in the class was pralines. Well, today Little decided he needed to make a go of it at home…

We broke out copious amounts of sugar, fat, and nuts and got to work.

First… we diverted from the directions and toasted our pecans until they were golden brown. I am a 1000% fan of toasting nuts for maximum yummy-ness, so we had to toast!

Then we got straight down to the sugar and fat and milk boiling… very carefully… with lots of pot handle holding and careful whisk management…


After hitting the correct temperature, the nuts (or at least those that we hadn’t eaten) were added…


More whisking ensued, and then we were ready to drop the pralines. I like little baby pralines that, when I eat them I am not forced to loathe myself, so we made them small.


After about 30 seconds we ate our first one. They were better than the original. Our nuts were just perfectly toasty, and the smaller size just make them even better (because they’re guiltless). If you’re in New Orleans, take the class. Then, make the pralines. Apparently they freeze well. I’ll let you know. 😉



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