King of Random… Fail

You know those “Pinterest Fail” photos you see online – with one perfect craft and then a gigantic mess?


So do I.

Except we usually live it here! LOL!!!

Big and Little decided they’d make the “Ninja Balls” from The King of Random…

My only brilliant idea in this whole thing was that I required this be “an outdoor craft”.


Seriously good call, Mom!!

In the end the figured out the process, which was awesome because by the time they were done I was pretty stressed out! LOL!!!


2 thoughts on “King of Random… Fail

    • Apparently, “throw them at your brother” and “general projectile” were the top two answers from the kids. My reply would be “leave them around for Mom to pick up” and “squeeze them to reduce stress while waiting for a kid to come get them to put them away”. They are pretty cool!

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