Projects with Kids – A Must Have Tool

If you’ve ever done construction projects with kids, you know how stressful it can be. One thing that’s super frustrating – for kids and adults – is stripped screws.  With our recent deck project we found a fabulous tool to help the kids drive screws straight, without stripping the screw or eating drill bits.

For under $6 you can buy a screw guide (“compact drive guide” like THIS ONE on Amazon). The ones we bought at Lowe’s cane with 3 bits. For this project we’re using the bit from the decking screw bin.

Here’s how it works:

1. Attach the guide like a normal bit.

2. Attach your bit inside the guide.

3. Load your screw into the bit:


4.Slide the guide down to encase the screw.


5. Pick where you want the screw to go:


6. Lower the guide to the wood, and screw in about 70%


7. When you’re close to flush, lift the guide and finish drilling more slowly.


The kids and I both have found this little tool to be a gem. We’re drilling a TON of decking screws, and we haven’t had any stripped screw heads, or star bits, or dents in the deck, or any drills flying erratically. Score. I’m so glad we found this tool and gave it a try! I highly recommend getting one when you teach your teen construction skills!


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