Spring in the South

I love living in the South.

I love that I almost never (as in once… since 1994) have to shovel snow. And really, I could have waited a few hours and that snow would have melted. 🙂

I love daffodils in February.

I actually love the melting humid heat of August – when I am near a pool.

But there are 2 weeks of living in the South that are torture for me.

Pine Pollen Season.

See, I live in a pine forest. Not really a forest, but in a neighborhood with a load of pine trees. Each spring, around the end of March/beginning of April, there’s pine pollen season.

It’s the only allergen that annoys me. And Little.

We’re miserable.

It hurts to breathe. My eyes water and feel like I have sandpaper in them. I sneeze constantly. I take daily allergy meds. As does Little.

For 2 weeks.

And during those two weeks I pray for rain. Every day. Many times a day. I stalk the weather radar. I am almost giddy to see thunderstorm warnings because that will knock down the pollen and I will be able to breathe again.

Instead of this… my porch table…

And the nice green that EVERYTHING is coated in…

And the cars, with windshields you cannot see out of…

And then when we get a light rain it all gathers in the drain areas as a thick, yellow-y green paste.

Thankfully, tonight it POURED. I am thrilled. Tomorrow I may be able to breathe. And not tear up when I go to the mailbox. And maybe in the next week or so I can start walking around my neighborhood again.

And then I’ll love living in the Deep South for another 50 weeks!


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