Cabin with Grandparents

A couple of weeks ago we took a night off and met up with my husband’s dad and his wife. They’re amazing people and we don’t get to see them nearly enough, so every trip is a treasure. This trip was a hunting outing for the boys, and the girls got to chill. It was awesome!

We stayed in a really cool cabin (which, despite my bad horizon on this photo, is really level!).


The Cabin

It was an absolutely beautiful day when we got there. I’d guess it was low 70s, and the pollen and wasps weren’t out yet.


Looking Left

We sat on the porch swings and enjoyed the view while catching up.


Front Porch Sittin'

This is my view when I was laying back… chilling out… kind of napping…


Laying Back, Looking Up

Since we were in a fairly remote location we had an AMAZING sky for star gazing. Little was working on his astronomy merit badge, so we loaded and app and went star gazing. It was so cool. I’m super glad he did that badge as we all learned a ton.


Stargazing for the Astronomy Merit Badge

And, when we weren’t star gazing there were countless games of Spades to be played. Big is a shark. Just saying!


Playing Hearts

And, lastly, while the guys were hunting Big and I enjoyed some time out rowing on the “lake”. They only provided canoe paddles, and no oar locks, so we improvised with some paracord and made out own system. It was a blast!!


McGyver oar locks


The "lake".

It was a fabulous trip and I am glad we got to spend some time with our extended family (and since the trip was a Sunday night / Monday event – add one more Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling So Much!!).


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