Coolest Middle School YouTube Guy!

I am not a huge fan of YouTube. I know there are many who are, but I just hate the commericals, and the possibility of “unsavory” stuff popping up on the screen while my kids and I are watching funny dog videos. So, for the most part, I avoid YouTube.

I probably still will avoid it, but the other day my friend threw down to me and my kids an “Apple Swan” challenge. Not one to back down, we followed her directions to check out this video, and then send her pictures.

The video is super clear, with easy to follow directions. We watched it once, pulled out the apples and went to town.

This one is mine:



Little’s was the best one (he made a whole bunch of wing cuts, not just 3, it was awesome), and this one is Big’s:


We call hers “Three Mile Island Swan”. They were a blast.

But, more importantly, we found the King of Random YouTube channel. Apparently I am the last person on the planet to find his videos, because each one has about 3 million views. Little and I watched about 5 of them – and later today we’ll make a Lowe’s run to get supplies.


Our plans include:


Middle School science and crafts – particularly with boys – can be tough. You’ve done the “old” stuff, and it’s harder to keep their attention. I have a feeling that these tutorials will keep us busy and entertained for some time!!

Middle School Monday at Homeschool Coffee Break



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