Week In Review – 27 March 15


Back in the land of Abita root beer!!

This blog post has been eaten by my server about 4 times so it may be kind of short…

I really liked the backwards week so I’m going to be sticking with that one for awhile. I think it’s easier on my old person memory…lol!

We had an awesome night in a cabin with family on Sunday night that included lots of rest and some excellent card games. The weather was perfect and Little got to complete some stuff for his astronomy merit badge.



It was awesome getting to see a bunch of planets and the constellations were super visible. I love being able to use an app for stargazing!!!

Monday was insane. Little went on his first quail hunt which he absolutely loved. Apparently he’s quite the shot! Big and I enjoyed some time relaxing and taking a boat out on the lake.


After a nice lunch with family we drove straight home to get back in time for scouts, and meetings, and other things I had to take care of at home. On the way home we continued to listened to To Kill a Mockingbird (we started it on the way down). It surprised me that the kids absolutely love it. It’s my favorite book, ever. My Beloved also loved it, not having heard it since being forced to read it in junior high. It’s amazing and the audible version is fabulous.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:
The rest of the week went busily but quietly. We hit our normal activities, worked on catching up on some school work, and tried to get back in the swing of doing math. Little made a load of progress on his astronomy merit badge, which is quite an undertaking.

I really need to blog a whole post about this, but at our house we do Friday School a little bit differently. This week we did math, and loads of fun science projects. I’ll post more on this later but here are a couple pictures:



Friday night closed out with my Beloved heading out of town with some friends for a night and Little heading off to a scout camp out. The girls took the opportunity for a great night out with a friend and catching up on some Horrible Histories.

Saturday is looking pretty quiet. We might need to complete the first lawn mowing of the season, as well as hanging out and relaxing before a busy few days ahead. 🙂

How was your week? Busy, crazy, or a week of easy?

Weekly Wrap-Up

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