Hattiesburg, MS – Tower Records (Café!!)

When my family and I travel we like to try out new places to eat. We generally have a “no chain” and “nothing we can get at home” policy. We were driving through Hattiesburg, MS recently, so I turned to my trusty Yelp (or Urbanspoon) apps and looked up the most popular local restaurants. We stumbled upon this: T-Bones Records and Cafe.


Seriously – a cafe, and a record store, and great coffee. We had to try it out.

It was, in fact, a real record store. With records. Awesome!




And books. A small selection of books – but great books. Real books. Fun books. Local books. The kids/teen section had great stuff we loved – and ZERO terrible teen vampire love junk. Swoon!



We were there on a Sunday, which apparently, is Jazz Brunch day. The music was awesome.



Then, there was food. We ordered sandwiches – which came with drinks and chips. And we had to get dessert. YUMTASTIC. And though I don’t have a photo – this place has the best iced coffee I’ve ever had. EVER. And they have it in 3 caffeine levels. We added 10 minutes to our return drive so I could go get coffee there again. It was delicious. And well worth the time, despite our crazy tight return schedule.






If you ever happen to be in the area – definitely stop. It’s a super cool place, with great food, and you get to support local businesses! Win – win!


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