Week In Review – 13 March 2015

This is a super weird, super backwards week in review…

Like a Week In Review for people with a bad memory…


Sunday 3/15/15

Rest. A lot. We even stayed home from church. We needed to recover from the past week.


Saturday 3/14/15

Pi Day!! Lots of pi. And some math. It seemed appropriate.image



Friday 3/13/15

Attempting a tiny bit of schoolwork after a long brake. Nightmare-ish. It usually is, sadly. This the the reason for the math on Saturday…


Thursday 3/12/15

Travel day. A long day. Wicked long. This is Atlanta at sunrise. Yup, I filtered it. 😉



Wednesday 3/11/15

Mall Day. Indoor ropes course. Cheesecake. Time with family. Resting up for the trip.



Monday and Tuesday 3/9-10/15

Skiing. Lots of it. Fairly warm conditions. Lessons. Ski lifts. Shoveling. Sledding. Lots of snow fun for the southern kids.



Sunday 3/8/15

Arrive in Hoth. Or Narnia. Depends on which kid (or adult) is commenting. Long travel day. Driving in snow. Then parking. And not moving the rental!




Saturday 3/7/15

Food pantry. Long drive to Atlanta. Hotel. Terrifying food. Little sleep. Travel stomach.



That’s our week. I think backwards works for me!!

How was your week? or —- Week your was how?


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