Craftsy – An Awesome Homeschool Art Resource

This winter my sister got me sucked into the remarkable world of Craftsy. I blame her. And now you can blame her, too. Craftsy is awesome and amazing, and (I’m a slow learner) an exceptional resource for homeschoolers!! And before y’all start thinking I’m being paid off for this, sadly, I’m not. No endorsed review here. Just some serious love. But, if you do work for Craftsy and you want to hook me up with free classes to review – please – contact me!!

I know, I know. There are some homeschoolers who regularly get art and baking and photography worked into their weeks. Yeah. And their baseboards are clean, too. For the rest of us these “extras” are hard to get to. Well, with Craftsy I am finding art so much easier to get done – and get done really well. No cheesy projects here. These are real art lessons with real art teachers (or baking or cooking or sewing) – at our own pace. And, they’re all reasonably priced. This is awesome. Seriously. Additionally, Craftsy runs AWESOME sales, and right now all the classes are up to 50% off.

What is Craftsy? Craftsy is an website (and app) where you can take a huge number of self-paced, online, art / craft / cooking classes. Once you register and pay for a class, you have access to the class forever, as well as having access to all the supplementary materials (resource lists, recipes, class notes, etc.). The website also sells class kits and other supplies, but I haven’t bought any of those. I will say that I looked at some when they were running a sale – and their prices were excellent.

What classes do they have? Well, pretty much you name it and they have it (I’m talking arts and crafts here). There are currently more than 700 classes in the following categories: image image image

What do the classes cost? I’m cheap, so I buy my classes when they go on sale – or when they’re free. For the rest of my classes, I’d say I paid between $15 and $20 a class. I buy them on sale, but even at full price they’d be totally worth the cost.

But yes, they have a bunch of free mini classes so you can try out the platform.  I just looked and they’re offering 42 free mini classes right now. Sweet. The first class I took to try out the classes, was “Perfect Pizza at Home” with Peter Reinhart.


This FREE class included 5 video sessions, recipes, and more. It was EXCELLENT. I am a baker. I love to grind my own wheat. And I will say, this class taught me a ton and on a level that my 13 year old totally understood the methods.  I now ONLY make my pizza dough using the Peter Way. They’re so easy, and the results are fabulous. My sauce – it’s Peter’s sauce all the way. He also has a whole lesson on gluten free doughs. This class was really exceptional and totally got me hooked!!


Which classes have I taken? So far I have completed Perfect Pizza and Draw and Sew an A Line skirt. The instructor for the A-Line skirt class was FABULOUS. Big and I are working through Drawing Anime. Today I think I’ll start the Artisan Break Making class taught by the same instructor as the pizza class. I’m super excited about it!!




Any fails with the classes? So far the only bust I’ve had is the Everyday Thai Cooking , and it’s totally not Craftsy’s fault. I live in Podunk and I can’t get 75% of the ingredients I need. When I travel I’ll pick some up. Until then, this one will sit in the “later” file. image

What’s up for Middle School Art? This spring we’ll hopefully be working through 10 Essential Techniques for Better Drawing, and Close Up Flowers in Watercolor. I think the drawing will be an excellent intro class for all of us, and the watercolor class looks like one where the kids will produce some cool stuff fairly quickly, and that’s always super motivating. image


If it’s classes for you, or classes for your kids, Craftsy is really amazing. Classes are super reasonably priced, the platform is smooth and glitch free (I’ve used it on my android phone, an ipad, and a windows laptop), the instructors I’ve had have been amazing, classes range from beginner to advanced, the variety is remarkable, and the lifetime membership is such a fabulous deal. If you’re leery – try one of the free mini classes. You’ll be hooked – and you can blame it on my sister! Now, go get some homeschool art done!



Middle School Monday at Homeschool Coffee Break





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