Awesome Deal:

For the month of March, 2015, is running an amazing deal. Basically, they restructured their membership system (now only $5.95 a month!) and are offering a special introductory price in March of only $1. Sweet!!!

I have previously reviewed and you can read my review HERE. As I mentioned in the other post – Schoolhouse Teachers offers more than 100 online, self paced courses, for everyone in the family (from preK to parents). One thing I mention in the review is that I intended to have the kids take the Sue Gregg Whole Foods Cooking Class. Well, we’re now 6 weeks into the class and I have a ton more to share.

Here’s my summary: If you only subscribe to for the Whole Foods cooking class – then your money is well spent!!


The format of the Whole Foods Cooking with Sue Gregg course is an online, self paced class (like all the classes at This is awesome because we have no pressure – we can complete a lesson when we have time, but there’s no time stress. I love that. This spring we’ve completed 5 lessons, and we’re on track to finish the class this semester. I can’t recommend this class highly enough!

For each class their is a theme. You can see the outline below:







Within the class there is usually a “Talking Food Page” that elaborates on the health and nutrition aspects of whatever you’re studying that week. It’s super helpful, easy to read, and easy to understand. My kids (12 and 13) have learned a lot about basic health and nutrition from this class and the Talking Food Pages. I love the the information is scientifically supported, and Sue Gregg even ties in scripture and food traditions.


After learning about a food, there’s always a recipe to try. We have loved almost all of what we’ve made. The one exception is that I loathe oatmeal. While I can’t sing from a rooftop, “THIS CLASS MADE ME LOVE OATMEAL!!”, I will say that I tolerated the one we made during class, and it was the best stovetop oatmeal I’ve eaten. The soaked grain coffee cake in Week 2 – unreal. I’m sincerely loving the whole soaked grain method she uses in her recipes – not only from a nutrition standpoint – but also because breakfast is 95% prepped the night before!

Another thing I love about thee recipes is they way they are laid out. I own a few Sue Gregg cookbooks, and the format is the same in the class. They’re clear, easy to read and follow, and usually offer up a number of variations and substitutions (without being annoying or confusing). Here’s an example:


For parents who want to teach their kids more about whole foods – this is a fabulous class. Real, normal food. Real, simple, delicious recipes. Lessons don’t take forever and all the food is all very, very family friendly. Loads of nutritional information is covered, and I’d say kids from about 10 or 11 up can make all the recipes solo. For $1 for the month of March? Seriously? Go sign up!!!

And if you’re a military family, like us, it’s an even better deal!! Thanks for supporting the troops and their families!! You rock!!




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