Travel Review – USO Boston

In 1988 I started my military career and served until 2002. In 1997 I got married, and with one short break between the Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserves, my husband has been serving for nearly 25 years. During all of those years I had heard of the USO, but I’d never actually used any of their services. A local friend is a big fan, so with her ravings and some hours to kill in Boston’s Logan Airport, the kids and I decided to make a stop at the USO located there.

WOW. What a knucklehead I’ve been!! It was awesome! The naps I’ve taken in weird locations and the hours spent entertaining kids in the airport (and I mean ++HOURS++) while waiting for, missing, and hanging out flying standby… [I specifically remember one day where I spent 14 hours sitting in Atlanta…with 2 kids under 4…alone…] $4 bottles of water… I wish I knew then what I know now!!





The USO is Boston was small, clean, friendly, and quiet. Quiet. Really quiet. That is such a HUGE deal. For soldiers returning from the theater or just a quiet place to rest between flights enroute to or from training – quiet is huge. Airports are assaultingly loud, and having a chance to gather thoughts and rest without listening to announcements. Huge.

They also provide free snacks, and help finding things to do in the local area. It’s manned by wonderful, local volunteers who really care about military members and their families. For our junior guys – who don’t make much money – free snacks and a drink – that’s awesome.

So if you’re a military family stuck in Boston, or a military member in need of a break from the noise – check out the USO.

If you’re not a military family and looking for a great way to support soldiers and their families – donate to the USO. It’s a great group of people supporting our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Coasties and your support would be really welcome.


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