It’s THAT time of year… Curriculum Shopping…(Math, Science and History edition)


“March Madness”

Yeah, not basketball – looking ahead to the curriculum picks for the upcoming school year!! It’s nearly convention season and time to research, read reviews, and pray about the upcoming year. For me, it also means beating ideas to death with a local friend and DH (who loves that… not!).

For this edition I’m covering MATH, SCIENCE, and HISTORY ruminations for GRADES 8 and 9. This is by no means a final list, but a chance to walk with me as I toss around ideas for the upcoming year.

AND as I face…

High school.

(I think I am going to vomit.)

Add to the mix that I think this year I’ll have to split the kids up in more than the skills areas. Big wants more challenge, and a little separation. Last night she told me she was “feeling degraded” and “being held back” being paired up in history and science. I’ll admit a bad mom moment…. I laughed. Out loud. Pretty hard. It was hysterical      and very teen melodramatic. But, I did assure her that I hear what she’s saying and it’ll factor into the decisions this year.  I’ll told her we’ll likely split for history and literature, but science we’ll stay connected. I can’t imagine dueling labs…. That makes my head spin.

This is easy for me.329739 We have loved Saxon from grade 7 and up. We use this in conjunction with the Art Reed teaching dvds.032568 I work alongside the kids and teach with Mr. Reed. Next year Big will continue into Saxon Advanced Math, likely at a pace to finish the book at the end of 10th grade. Little will continue into Saxon Algebra 1.791230_w185



389213Again, another easy one. We’ve used BJU Online science for grades 6, 7, and 8. The kids actually begged to go back to it this year. We’ll continue on with BJU into Physical Science in fall… with the lab kit (this one looks much more interesting than from the company I usually order from and is aligned with BJU Physical Science… and field trips. 🙂physcicover





Here, I ruminate. I flip. I flop. I decide. I undecide. I change my mind…


8MSP-lPro – Love it. Have used it for years. Kids love it. I like the idea of American History (again) from a traditional transcript standpoint.
Cons – The next core isn’t exciting me, and 2 cores up is too much, maybe. Or, I do 2 cores – one with Big and one wit Little. Then… $$$. Additionally, the books are a little all over the map for grade level appropriateness (on the core I should pick if I combine), and the kids have read about half of them already.


Pro – Recommended by a reliable friend. Cheaper than most of the history options. Simple to implement. Not too time consuming. I really like the literature list – as it has a good mix of classics and more modern books.
Con – Doesn’t look rigorous enough for me. Essentially a textbook format, which my kids aren’t excited about. Too biased? Two levels will be needed. Honestly, looks dry. Reviews online confirm my concerns.


Veritas Press Self Paced Omnibus:
Pro – Challenging. Thorough. Kids can manage on their own. Great for transcript. Great reads. Deep in bible and theology.
Con – Two levels will be needed. $. I don’t like too much face in the computer screen time, so I have to balance with science and anything else… Too much history? Too reformed? If I go a level lower, will I regret it? Will it be a time vacuum? Is it too classical and not relate-able enough?

So there you go.

Round One.

Lots more research and prayer and decisions ahead.

Are you in the shopping and praying stage? What do you like for next year?


2 thoughts on “It’s THAT time of year… Curriculum Shopping…(Math, Science and History edition)

  1. We used Sonlight Core 100 and loved it. We also used Notgrass with My Father’s World and it was okay. I think I’d do Core 100 again, but may consider Heart of Dakota because it includes notebooking as well. Sounds like you are putting a lot of good thought and prayer into it! God’s peace be with you and your final decision!

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