Art in Our House

With Little working on his Art Merit Badge, we’ve been exploring different art mediums this past week. It’s been a blast!! His troop has done most of the discussion work, so he had create 4 art pieces using 4 different mediums. I thought it would be fun for all of us to create some art, so we did acrylic collage, watercolor, and oil pastel projects this past week. Little’s been working on a pencil drawing on his own time, so that will be his 4th piece.

Our first project was one I saw on the blog Leading Little Hearts Home, and it’s a homage to the artwork of Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar).


Big went with a gargoyle theme.


Little went straight up Dr. Who.

Our second project was a watercolor project I found on Pinterest. We even made our own watercolor paint, which was kind of cool.

Basically you draw a self portrait, color it with Sharpie and crayons (as a resist to the watercolors) and then blow watercolor paint on to make the hair (or exploding head if you’re a 12 year old dude).


We even got DH involved in this one!


This is Little…


Big, bringing it Manga style.


And me. I may make this my Facebook profile!!

Our third project was a pastel project I found, guess where… PINTEREST!! Yup. Again.


We had a blast breaking out the oil pastels and creating owls.


Big, working on the eyes…


Little’s owl.


My owl. We all decided the white looks like an egg, which is a little weird…


Big’s owl. I love the colors. I was teasing her that she’s a lefty the tree is backwards. She said mine was… LOL!

We all decided we love art time and need to do this more often. We’re going to try a once a week craft night. I can’t wait!!


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