Week in Review – 27 Feb 2015

Starting with my Friday coffee, and a buddy…


This week was definitely a memorable week. After church on Sunday the kids and I went to visitation for our beloved next door neighbor. Mr. P has been our neighbor since we moved here 11 years ago. We loved him. He was a godly man who was always kind and encouraging. He was 94 1/2 when he passed. We will miss him a lot.

Monday the kids and I knocked out some schoolwork, and then went to Mr. P’s funeral. It was standing room only so we listened intently from the back of the church behind a glass door. His son did a wonderful job of honoring his dad. It was a beautiful service celebrating a life well lived.

After the service I tried to steal a friend’s kids as she was sick and husband out of town. Unfortunately, they were here about an hour before the mom came to get them – with ICING heading into our area! I thought it was a joke – as weather reports here are often overinflated – but about a half an hour later I was glad the kids were home safe! The ice got bad (for us anyway).

The rest of the week was dominated by the weather reports…


Wednesday started with rain. For Southern kids when snow is predicted, I don’t think there can be a greater disappointment! By 3 the ice pellets came, and by 4 we had snow. Real snow. Big, fat, fluffy snow. We had a blast!! Snowballs, “sledding”, and general running around.


Because we live in the South, pretty much every activity was cancelled this week. The public schools were cancelled Wednesday and Thrusday. Scouts was cancelled Monday for ice, we skipped TKD Tuesday as well as bible study (Big is still recovering from her TeenPact-wicked-bad-cold), and TKD was cancelled for Thrusday. We started to piano of Wednesday, but it started icing on our way there, so we said “HI!” and then took off. There’s still a little snow around now, but it should melt soon and then we’ll be back to normal. It’s supposed to be 68 on Monday. LOL!! I love the South! The break from all the extras was a welcome change this week.


Other than snow, what’s up this week?
+ We did some schoolwork. Math. Bible. Science. Writing suffered a little.

+ We had a family art night on Thursday night, which was awesome. I can’t wait to share pictures!! We need to do this more often!

+ Random: Big is addicted to TopGear. Little is back to loving Minecraft since his friends are all on the same server.

+ Little is crushing on some merit badges right now. This week he should finish up Art, Citizenship and the World, and Citizenship in the Nation.

+ Big is learning how to draw Manga. It’s super cool. This week we got the schwanky markers and she’s carried them everywhere. I love times of intense passion (except Minecraft… and Dr. Who… thankfully DH listens to that…).

How was your week? Did y’all have snow?

Weekly Wrap-Up

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