I Love Visual Voicemail

A few weeks ago I got a notification on my phone that I could use a month of visual voicemail for free. I **hate** answering the phone, so I thought this might be an awesome thing for me. I didn’t know just how awesome!

Now, these are screen shots are voicemail samples from my husband. My husband is an articulate man, whose jobs require (and I mean REQUIRE) that he speak clearly. He’s not a mumbler…


I almost died laughing after getting the first one. What in the world? This is pure gold comedy to me….


Seriously? It’s hysterical. How could anyone think this works? It clearly doesn’t, but I think I’m happier that it doesn’t. It’s fabulous.


I’m seriously thinking about signing up for the service. I smile and laugh every time I get a voicemail. I call screen just to see how the message will be translated. So far the only voice that transcribes correctly is annoying robo calls, which seems totally appropriate that they’d never be funny in any situation.

It’s true. I have a strange love for visual voicemail!


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