Review: In Freedom’s Cause (A G.A. Henty Audio Drama)

Today I have the privilege of sharing a review of the audio drama In Freedom’s Cause from Heirloom Audio Productions. This Review is completed in my role as a member of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. The audio drama tells the story of William Wallace and his quest for Scotland’s freedom. Throughout the story we learn of his faith, love and godly Christian character. Battles, betrayal, and love – this story has them all!!

The product we were asked to review is the In Freedom’s Cause Single Package. We received a physical cd set which included the 2-cd set of the audio drama.


As a part of the Review Crew we also received access to the following downloads:

The complete In Freedom’s Cause eStudy Guide and Discussion Starter. 30 pages of In Freedom’s Cause listening questions, vocabulary and deeper thinking questions. Great to guide discussion or to make sure everyone is keeping up with the story.


Here’e a sample from the discussion guide:



The In Freedom’s Cause Soundtrack MP3 download. The music in the production is great! Beautifully done!soundtrack


A printable copy of The Prayer Of William Wallace (Psalm 23 in the Latin Vulgate). We thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the prayer – and discussion of the psalm were central to our experience. A beautiful addition to listening to the drama.poster

As soon as this cd arrived, the kids and I were excited to start listening. We’re huge fans of audio drama, and books on tape, so this was a big treat for us. The night after the box arrived we started our bedtime routine earlier than normal, and met up in master bedroom. We turned down the lights, popped the cd into the xbox (it’s our best sound system in the master), and planned on listening for 30 minutes…well…after the first cd ended, (and about 30 minutes after we had planned to stop listening), we had to call it a night. It was late. We had work to do in the morning!

We made it a whole 2 days before we finished up the story – first with another late night session, and lastly with an early morning “Please mom, we’re almost done, and it’s like schoolwork, and we can eat breakfast while we listen…” plea session. I broke. I totally wanted to hear the ending!!

To say we enjoyed the drama would be an understatement. We loved it. The voices were clear, professional, and dramatic. The accents are true, and the adventure palpable. The background music and soundtrack are beautifully done. The production quality of this audio drama is excellent.

In the past I’ve tried reading Henty novels, but failed miserably. With this version – we loved his work! What a blessing! I am grateful for being able to experience a wonderful, classic Christian author in such an approachable and fun manner.

One thing I loved was the emphasis on William Wallace’s prayer. My kids couldn’t place it as Psalm 23, so we had a great time of discussion and searching the scripture to find which Psalm it was. It was a great challenge for them and a wonderful time of bible study and application for all of us.

Hands down our favorite part of the drama was the part about the goat woo. We laughed our heads off at the sound of the woo. We listened to the drama for the first time a few weeks ago – and we still make jokes about the woo and woo noises. I love when a book works its way into the lexicon of our family – and this one most certainly has!

After we listened to the drama I downloaded the accompanying study guide. What a treasure! It’s filled with great questions – both basic narration and more thought provoking – that would be great for younger listeners or to help older kids building listening skills. You could easily provide the questions before the chapter and give the kids something to listen out for and keep them on their toes. It is an excellent tool with great content – one that would be well worth your time to download and use as a guide.

One other thing that’s super helpful is the character guide. It’s awesome. Some of the names can get a little hard to follow, with accents and all, so the guide is great for keeping everyone straight. I think it’s a very thoughtful addition and one that would be great for little kids and moms alike. I wish more audio dramas included this!

I’ve been gushing. Seriously. So really, how much did we really like this? Well, in all of my years of homeschooling I have only let my kids skip one book that was on our assigned reading list. They begged me to stop With Lee in Virginia. It’s another Henty novel and it didn’t click with my kids. I traded them 3 for 1 (they had to read 3 other books to replace Lee), and they both took the trade! So, imagine the kid’s surprise when I mentioned that 1. In Freedom’s Cause, which they loved, was a Henty novel, and 2. The company that produced In Freedom’s Cause (Heirloom Audio Productions) is making With Lee in Virginia. They were both really excited and want to hear the audio drama. We’ll be buying it when it comes out!!

So yes, we loved it. If I had a goat woo I’d play you a solo to prove it!!

In Freedom's Cause Review

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