Weekly Report – 13 Feb 2015



We’ll start today with yesterday’s coffee… I went with an extra shot. I was EXHAUSTED from a road trip the night before and while the coffee helped some, it mostly kept me from taking a nap. Since I’ve been sick most of the week, that was an issue. I did manage to get a nap later in the day and still make it to bed by 9. This cold is killing me….

I’ll stop whining for a while and share about some of the AWESOME this week..


HIGHLIGHT 1: THE LION KING. It was amazing. Our seats… not so much…



The theater was BEAUTIFUL.




The show was AMAZING, even from the cheap seats. WICKED is still our #1 pick, but this was a special trip. Even Little loved it. I highly recommend seeing the show if you can!


Sickness helping dog. Nice hair. LOL!!



I’ve been helping Little get some more merit badge work completed. There seem to be a TON of things we’re doing in science and school that double up well, so he’s been working on bits and pieces and writing out MB workbook stuff. This month he’ll finish Space Exploration, Citizenship in the Community (and hopefully Nation), Weather, Crime Prevention, and a couple more at Trail to Eagle. We’re not normally big MB people, but it seems like a waste not to account for the stuff now and for him to get credit. He’s super excited about it!



This past weekend Little led a payer for Scout Sunday at a local church. It wasn’t our church so it was a great experience to worship somewhere different. He did an amazing job despite recovering from: tonsillitis, sinusitis, and a torn up tongue from a new space appliance.

Looking back a little deeper.. Big and I had a great time Saturday working at the food pantry and then coaching basketball. My boys are HYSTERICAL but I can’t say I’ll be too disappointed when the season ends. They’re EXHAUSTING! LOL!! This weekend’s game will be coached by another parent (Big and I have Bucket List plans) so we have one more game to go.


So that’s the week. Service. Sickness. Schoolwork. Lion King. Recovery.


How was your week?

Weekly Wrap-Up

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