Week in Review – 30 Jan 2015

If you’ve read some of the earlier posts this week, this is a little bit of a rehash, but hopefully I picked different pictures…

Sunday started with Big and me on a flight to New York City. We had a very short, but VERY awesome girl’s adventure to the city. We loved every second of it.


Our big mission was to see WICKED. Witch was (ha, get it), as awesome as we had heard. Probably even more awesome. I would totally pay to see it again (and maybe again…). We LOVED it.


On our way home we MIRACULOUSLY made it out of New York before the “STORM OF THE CENTURY”. Of course the storm turned into not much of anything in NYC, but our getting out meant we wouldn’t sit in a hotel until Thursday or Friday, so I am so grateful.

Our getting out did result in a 9 hour layover in Cincinatti. It was made wonderful, quiet, and full of snacks with the wonderful USO at the airport. What a tremendous blessing that was!!!


Our biggest mishap with NYC was leaving Bear in the hotel. (I think he was preparing to hibernate with the storm coming…). After a HUGE rig-a-ma-roll and Bear spending 2 nights in my neighbor’s mailbox (the hotel guy mislabeled the TO address…) Bear is home safely. This is a HUGE praise to God, and moves Dad in the rank of Supreme Awesome Bear Finding Hero.


Tuesday through Thursday we tried to get on track with schoolwork and our routine. Tuesday was SO BEAUTIFUL that we cleaned the cars and enjoyed short sleeve weather… even if in passing.


Some interesting school things are going on here that I’ll post more about soon…

Big has started her Aerospace 1 course with AeroScholars and so far is enjoying it…


This week an exciting event (along with WICKED!!) was the state Hymn Festival. I’ll write more on this later, but the kids did great and I’m very proud of them!!


So, other stuff this weekend:
+ Upward Basketball portraits – but thankfully no game!! LOL!!
+ Food pantry Friday and Saturday
+ Scout camp out
+ Girl’s chill weekend (you know, after pictures and food pantry… LOL!!) which will likely include a Hobby Lobby run!

Hope your week was awesome!!

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