Sick Season


Sick Season finally hit us. We are normally NEVER sick, but last week I came down with a wicked sore throat. I think it **might** be related to coaching 8 five-year old boys and all their sticky noses and new-to-us germs… Might… LOL!!

Wherever it came from it was awful and I had travel plans. I had to defeat it. I started in hard with gargling Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water. It didn’t hurt (like, “ouch!”) and seemed to help with the pain. I also started Elderberry supplements and an occasional decongestant, and diffusing Thieves oil throughout the house.

I was fine… until I flew. Ow. My ears hurt and the drip was INSANE. I had to up my game and add in Alka Selzer extreme cold… more elderberry..lots of liquids…loads of prayer…

And after 3 days of not sleeping due to drip, it cleared up. A ton.

Then Little got it. We took him in for a throat swab, which was negative. I thought the Apple Cider Vinegar would be too much for him, so we started Throat Coat Tea with honey and lemon. He loved it and it helped a ton. I don’t think he needed any other meds.

SO, that’s my mix. Some OTC, some natural – depending on what’s needed and who is sick.

What’s your routine for bad colds and sick season? Any great tips to share?


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