Girl’s Trip

Last week I posted about Aging Parents. It was a rough week. When I got home I needed a day to decompress from all the stress and emotion. By Saturday I was back to normal.

Kind of.

Part of my new normal is to seize the day with my kids more. I know, I do it a lot already, but last week shook me and DH and I are coming to realize that time is short. The “let’s do that someday” list needs to be a “when are we doing this?” list. We were bought with a price – we are not our own – we need to live like that. As a mom, that often means pouring more, even when I am tired and worn out from a stressful week.

So Saturday morning DH, Big and I hatched a plan…

The Girls will take on NYC.

Big and I have wanted to see Wicked forever, and it is touring near us in the spring. I’ve priced tickets 10 times, but every time I was just left feeling that I shouldn’t commit. I’m glad I didn’t. For what we would have paid for the touring group – we DID it up!! We have memories to savor, forever!

We flew to NYC…

Took a bus from the airport to Manhattan… and ate pizza…

After buying tickets to see Wicked…


Then we walked around and toured Times Square… (we took this shot of a CHOCOLATE store for Little…)

And then we checked the weather…

It was hard NOT to! “Worst Blizzard Ever!” coming to NYC. So, we cut out trip short by a day. We had planned to skate at Rockefeller Center and visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but those will wait. We’ll do this trip again.

Hopefully very, very soon.

So now we’re on a flight home. We’re grateful beyond description that we’re on a flight home instead of holed up in a hotel in NYC waiting out a blizzard. That’s all God’s gracious providence on us. There is not other explanation to our getting our of Newark this morning.

And other than the weather we had one major mishap…

Bear slept in at the hotel and missed the flight. He’s supposed to be coming home via Fedx or some other super-fast shipping, but he’ll be sorely missed until he gets home.

And I am so grateful for a chance to mark something off our list – together -and make memories with my growing kids – who still love their bears.

I need to get planning on the next item on the list.


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