Goal Setting Monday – 12 Jan 15

It’s been a while with Christmas and other stuff going on that I’ve done my goals – so here goes…

The Week Ahead

+ Daily time in the Word – 30 minute challenge
+ Get 3 more verses of Romans 12 memorized with the kids (Seriously. Still.)
+ Complete all of Bible Study before Tuesday at 2 pm.

+ Complete all items on checklist for school this week.
+ Accountability with encouragement…. keep it up…TONE!!
+ One night with no TV and a game night.
+ Keep to minimal tv / video games for kids and reestablish time habits.

+ Walk 5 times this week, 2 miles each, foot permitting – or do Leslie for 30 minutes
+ Make my coffee before bed
+ Complete 2 hours of video sessions in the Lightroom Class

+ Keep up with No Spend January.
+ Dining out: Ladies’ Lunch on Wednesday, milkshakes Monday after doctor’s appointment.

+ meal plan
+ minimize grocery shopping this week as much as possible
+ minimize waste – reuse, cook less, eat leftovers
+ keep up with no process / no junk challenge

+ No Car Wrecks.

Linked up at The Modest Mom Blog.


2 thoughts on “Goal Setting Monday – 12 Jan 15

  1. What great goals! Mondays can either hit me with an overwhelming amount of things to do or a time to plan to get a lot done. If you mean Leslie Sansone walking DVDs – I absolutely love them! Best wishes

  2. Loved this! 🙂 I’m new to blogging, if you have any advice for me. Please let me know! And if you’re looking for some Jesus clothes to rock. Check out rocknf8th.com 🙂 God bless you!

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