Weekly Review – 9 Jan 2015 (even though it’s the 11th…)

You ever have those weeks? You know – THOSE weeks.

It’s been one here. Praise God for His protection and plan. Praise Him.

Last Saturday we had a storm. A big storm. A “thunderstorm”. Well, thunderstorms in the South can “go bad” really fast. Last week it did. This is my dear friend’s house…. She lives in my neighborhood… 2 streets over…


The Lord is my light and my salvation;
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the [a]defense of my life;
Whom shall I dread? Psalm 27:1

I’m just sick for them. After the storm we were helping a neighbor on our street clear a huge limb off his roof when he got the call about the trees through the house (the picture shows 1… of 3).

We ran home, got gloves and rain gear, added some layers, and headed to their house. Wow. It was terrible. Thankfully a large contingent of church friends, scouts, neighbors and others were there to move limbs, clear, help, and save what could be saved from the house before more things were ruined by the trees and rain.

After a couple of hours we were winding down what we could do in the dark and I took the kids and headed out for pizza for the crews.

Remember my NOT SO GREAT DAY – ohhh – 3 weeks ago?

And my new car?


Ouch. Not so new. Again, thankfully the kids are totally fine. The other driver’s car was destroyed but she was fine. It was a monumentally rough night all around.

So, Sunday was spent recovering, resting, and making a meal for our friends. Big went and hauled limbs from a neighbor’s yard (the neighborhood is a wreck) while Little and I were too sore. We cooked and delivered. Poor Little. He took the wreck pretty hard.


Monday dawned a new day and the start of Back To School. I tried to make it as painless as possible. I woke the kids with hot chocolate. I may may it a Monday thing. It made the morning much sweeter.


The rest of the week was back to routine. Schoolwork. TKD. Scouts. Car repairs. Insurance calls. Estimates. LOL.


Big is currently ENTHRALLED with the Swallows and Amazons series.

She daydreams about sailboats.

She draws sailboats.

She’s making plans with her cool uncle to sail Boston Harbor this summer.

I’m having flashbacks of my youth and it’s awesome!


Other routines… back to piano. I love listening to the kids play so it’s nice to hear it again.


And a Friday treat – homemade donuts. We’ve been eliminating junk and processed foods so this was a rare treat. It’ll be months before I make them again.


And a new project ahead. Big and I started to coach a K5 boys basketball team on Saturday. I won’t blog about it yet…

So that’s our week.



And thankful for the safety of dear friends and protection from the storm.

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