Cool Kitchen Gadget

I SUPER SERIOUSLY LOVE kitchen gadets.


Small appliances are one of my love languages.

So the other day when my BFF and I were shopping at a new granola crunchy store, and I found a MIRACLE YOGURT MAKER I was intrigued.


The package claimed that you could make 1 quart of yogurt, in the milk container, in 10-12 hours.

I was IN! See, I have a yogurt maker – but it’s super fussy. You have to do the whole milk thing on the stove (heat, watch temps, etc.) and then pour the milk into these TINY containers. Yes, they are then in individual serving containers, but they’re so small. And then there are lids to find… and lose. It’s a hassle.

I love fresh yogurt, but honestly, I can’t deal with the other machine.

I was thrilled.

I bought it.

On the way home I bought some milk in a quart container. Here’s where the amazon reviews get relevant. You can’t really FIND a one quart milk container like the one in the picture at a grocery store. They don’t make them around here (or apparently, most of the US). I thought I’d use a quart of half and half – after I used that on my coffee I’d recycle it for yogurt – but wandering around Publix I came up with a better idea…

A quart sized Mason jar.


Unfortunately, that didn’t work as perfectly as I wanted as the jar was a TINY bit too big – but my pint jar was perfect! You can see the size difference in the picture. Sure, it’s not 4 cups – it’s closer to 3 (it might be a pint and a half) – but it fits perfectly and I already had them – and lids! People on Amazon talk about a ceramic or class bottle you can buy to fit – but this seems like a perfect solution for me!

When I got home I poured 2 cups of milk into the jar, stirred in 3 T of yogurt (as a started to get the cultures running through the milk) and stuck it in the MIRACLE YOGURT MAKER. I plugged it in and walked away.

Until morning.

And when I woke up I pulled it out, screwed on the lid, and stuck it in the fridge. Later in the morning, I came back to this…


Thick. Smooth. Delicious. I am SOLD. It couldn’t be easier to make, store, and serve this yogurt.

This small appliance is a HUGE winner.

Cost wise? It was about $35 in the store. Maybe $30. I can’t remember.

Counter space? It’s pretty smallish. About the size of a half gallon of milk.

For the yogurt? I priced it out to be about $0.50/cup using organic milk. Organic milk here was $4/half gallon – so if you use regular it’s much cheaper. Most yogurt containers are 4-6 oz, which would be about $0.25-$0.30 when compared with a container. Super good deal!! With nothing in it. And no added sugar.

In the future, I’ll use the same jar and add more milk and appropriate amount of starter. I think once I get the hang of it, measuring will be optional. 🙂

It’s so easy – pour milk, stir in starter, put in machine, plug it in, wait 12 hours, unplug it, take out, put on a lid, stick in fridge. That’s it. Couldn’t be more easy peasy!!!


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