Planning Time

Christmas festivities are done.

We have a week before we travel for the 3rd Annual Downton Abbey Marathon Weekend.

So this week I plan on getting caught up… And relaxing… And working on some projects…


The first project I started working on was getting my weekly plans ready for the new school year. First, I had some planning and coordination to do for Sonlight Core W. We’ll be starting in on Week 17 when we get back to school on the 5th. One thing we’ve found that we really don’t like in Core W is the use of Hillyer’s Children’s History of the World. It’s a great book – but much too young for the age of kids who should be in the core. So, today I will spend / have spent some time online researching and then assigning the appropriate parts of Human Odyssey Volumes 1 and 2. We started with Volume 1 in the fall and the kids loved it, so I’ll finish my alignment project and getting at least the next 12 weeks prepped up.

The other thing I’m changing for the spring is the addition of Foundations Bible Study for the bible portion of our school day. I liked Sonlight in the fall, but it’s moving slower than I’d like so I think we need a change. I bought the efile, printed the first 8 weeks, and cut and pasted that into my kid’s weekly schedules. I am anxious to see if it’ll be a good fit or if we’ll need to edit it a little. There is a LOT of reading, so we’ll have to see if it’s too much or a good challenge.

Once I get the plans done, we should be in great shape to start up with school. We’re planning on doing some traveling, so I definitely want our week to be as “open and go” as possible on the 5th. As always, I’ll plan on the 5th to the 7th taking FOREVER – but that’s pretty normal. Some families ease into school by starting with a couple of subjects, but I’ve found over the years that just jumping in the deep end is the best way for us to return from a long break. As a mom and teacher, I make sure I am well prepared with all our schedules, meal plans, books, resources, etc. before the break is over. I also mentally prepare myself for rough spots and pray about those beforehand.  Knowing that things WILL move slowly and attitudes WILL falter – that certainly makes me be more kind, patient, and make plans to help schoolwork move along. If I expect everyone to bound our of bed, scream through math, and be cheerful after a long break – I am seriously deluded and am setting us all up to fail!

Next up on the planner – planning out our homework assignments for TeenPact. I’m trying to balance those in with our regular work without crushing the schedule. That’s it’s own post – and one I hope to share soon!

What are you doing in the lull before Christmas and New Year’s!? Anyone else in planning mode with me?!



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