Rocket Kids

As part of space science this year we HAD to build and launch rockets!! DH did this a ton as a kid, so he led the charge. If you don’t have a rocket veteran, check out YouTube for building tips.

We bought our kits at Hobby Lobby using 40% of coupons. We bought a basic kit that had a launch pad and everything except the engines and igniter. The igniters come in the engine package. On the front if the rocket box it’ll tell you which engines fit your rocket. Usually there are 3 or 4 listed. DH recommend starting small (usually the first one listed, or the starred one), and building up. You may also need wadding, though we used toilet paper just fine.


Estes makes about a billion rockets of all different skill levels. Here’s a chart from their site to explain the levels:


I wanted a super easy rocket. One in the kit was pretty close to snap together, one was a little harder. DH ran the show on the harder one, but after watching I think I could build it.


We packed up all our stuff on a pretty day…


…pretty but freezing. One learning point – new batteries for the launcher are a must. We had to go buy new 9 volt batteries because ours lacked the juice to launch. Apparently a faster camera man would have helped, too.


It was SO COOL!!! The next time (since we went and bought more engines and more rockets after that!!!) I’ll pick a warmer day.


I HIGHLY recommend building and launching rockets if you haven’t dove it before. It’s a blast!!! Maybe we’ll take pictures of round two and our new rockets!!



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