Goal Setting Monday – 15 December 2015


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On to the Weekly Goals…

Review from last week…

Seriously. I have no report from last week. LOL!! I’m resetting the clock!! Please join me!!

The Week Ahead

+ Daily time in the Word – 30 minute challenge11`123
+ Finish Romans 12 memorization with the kids
+ Get caught up with our Advent readings.

+ Get through the appointments, with cheer. Monday. Dual ortho. Piano recital. Scout party. Sunday is the church play. We’re shockingly unprepared. Recitals are this week. We need to get ready without me being snippy.
+ Complete math, science daily. I have an “I don’t want to do schoolwork” attitude. We need to finish strong.
+ Accountability with encouragement…. keep it up…

+ Walk 5 times this week, 2 miles each, foot permitting
+ Make my coffee before bed.
+ Complete 2 hours of video sessions in the Lightroom Class – I haven’t been doing this and want to get back to it.
+ Sew and/or scrapbook at least 3 times this week.

+ 2 trips to Starbucks this week… Not a minimum there.
+ We’ve been bleeding money. Car wreck. Dryer out. Freezer defrosted and we missed it for 5 days. New braces. Christmas. I’m just overwhelmed.

+ meal plan
+ minimize grocery shopping this week as much as possible
+ MORE fruit and veg
+ stay up on laundry so I can hang it until the dryer is fixed.

+ Focus on the season. Make time for tea and little quiet breaks with the kids. Rest well. Don’t overspend. Play some board games. q11

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