Weekly Report – Dec 12, 2014


It’s absolutely shocking to me how fast the weeks scream by when I keep up with the Weekly Reports!! This week, maybe because of Christmas coming and all the other stuff going on just FLEW by. It also might be because we’ve totally relaxed the school schedule and are taking things slowly right now. Whatever the reason, it’s crazy.

It makes me think of this post a friend shared on Facebook.

How 936 Pennies Will Forever Change How You Parent

Don’t read it if you’re not ready to be overwhelmed… and cry. I cried. I am NOT a crier. It’s a worthy, sobering read.

Back to my one penny…

Last week I closed out the report with a brief comment on my car accident. Praise God for His protection!! I will write a whole post about it, but thanks to God for sparing me and helping me recover so quickly! Last weekend Big and I had planned a city trip (about 2 and half hours away) to do some shopping and have a girl’s trip. Thankfully my use of Pan Away on Friday night cleared up a HUGE part of my muscle pain and Big and I were off early Saturday!

We hit some great stores – including two of our ALL TIME favorites: the Williams Sonoma OUTLET (yeah!!!), and Penzeys Spices. What a trip!! DH got me some great gifts! 😉

We also had a great lunch…


We test drove a TON of cars in the search for the replacement to “Reddy”. Big was sold on the Jeep Wrangler Sport… Me, not so much. Perhaps with better gas milage! We did eliminate a lot from our list and it was super helpful having her there to add a voice and try out the way back seats.

On the way home we diverted to Zagat’s pick for The Best Pizza in Mississippi. It was tremendous. We will do it again!!!


It was a wonderful Saturday trip, followed by church Sunday. We had a wonderful time of praise and prayer. I love our church!!

Sunday afternoon we finished the winter yard work, and set up the INFLATABLE AIRPORT. This year is epic. Lights. Runway. Tacky. We love it. The kids LOVE it. It was fun to get the scene set up!


Big and her friends continued their work on the Barn Quilt project. I LOVE how this is coming out. Tomorrow they’ll work on details and some clean up work. I love the colors they picked!


Thursday we had a friend over for lunch and had a massive Harry Potter themed lunch. I didn’t take nearly enough pictures. (I will post soon about our family and HP). The lunch was AWESOME, we made a great friend feel VERY special by being invited, and it was a 100% success.

Here was some of the food…



And lastly, we were able to find a replacement for Reddy. The car doesn’t have a name yet, but we know it’s a boy. The kids and I sat in it as a joke, but INSTANTLY all three of us LOVED it. It’s perfect for us. This picture is from the Ford.com site, so I can keep some privacy. 😉 I am so awed and humbled by God’s provision of the perfect car for us. I almost can’t wait to road trip!!


Oh, and school work… Yeah… Here’s the thing… LOL!!

MATH: I sent Little back 4 lessons and had him redo a test. He gets the math. He needs to learn to slow down, write neatly, show work, and label units…. like every other kid who had ever taken prealgebra. So, this was a good week to make a point. 😉 Big and I did 4 days of math, covering 2 lessons. It was such a light week considering we’re used to 4 full lessons a week!! We also did a bunch of Latin. Then stopped doing Latin. We’ll get back on track! Next week my plan is math and science. Only. (And Bible, but that’s life more than school.)

So how was your week? Did you get a lot done… or were you more like us!?!

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One thought on “Weekly Report – Dec 12, 2014

  1. My weeks are flying by, too. I said the same thing in my WWU, lol. I think it’s a December thing. I’d love to see the finished quilt project.

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