One of the totally cool things my SIL set up for us during our trip to Texas was a pecan picking trip. It’s actually more gathering than picking, but it’s a ton of fun. At $9/pound for shelled pecans, it can be a super good deal too!

We went to a friend of her’s orchard where we were allowed to pick up whatever we found. We gave the owner back half and kept the rest. They had recently shaken the trees to get the majority of nuts out, but there were still a ton left.

The orchard was beautiful!


We probably worked for about 90 minutes. Part of the time DH was there, but mostly it was me, Big, Little and my SIL. Little and I filled up 2 Walmart sacks as did the other team.

When we stumbled on places where the shakers dropped it was insane….


After the drop off of the payment half, we went to work cracking. We tried a variety of methods but I preferred the hammer and cutting board technique.


I think on pecan day I shelled for about 6-7 hours. My car was in the shop so I didn’t have much to do, so I chilled, watched TV, and shelled…and shelled…and shelled. I am not sure I came out ahead on my cost of pecans versus man hours, but it was fun and the pecans are so fresh and delicious.


I think it’s so important for my kids to know where their food comes from and this was one of those cool trips for them. I can’t say the workload stopped them from grabbing handfuls of the shelled pecans, but they did get to see the whole process and understand why nuts are so expensive.

How about you? Any good “farm to table” experiences where you live?


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