Talking Turkey

On Monday DH and I went shopping to pick up a couple of extra things for our Delayed Thanksgiving Dinner. When we were at the store I found turkeys on super sale… HUGE sale. So, I had to buy one. I bought one 26 pound turkey for $16. Man, that turkey was HUGE!


I took the turkey home and roasted it the next morning. I used the 6 hours at 325 method and it was perfect!!


From that turkey I got enough roasted meat for about 12 meals for our family, not including leftovers… At $1.33 / meal for meat, I felt that was a WIN.


So I had to go back to the store….

This time I used my coupons and bought a 23 pound turkey for $11…. DH butchered it (my Southern duck hunter… swoon) and we decided to grind this one.


I’ve never ground meat before, so this was an experience in home economics. We were both shocked at how well the Kitchen Aid grinder worked. It took us about an hour and we ground over 12 pounds of meat from the turkey. So, we were under $1/pound for ground turkey. Around here, the normal price is about $4/pound. I was thrilled.


For a couple of hours of hands on work (stripping a cooked turkey, packaging, grinding, labeling, etc), and getting to smell a roasting turkey for the day, we totally rocked out the freezer with a load of fresh, healthy meat. It was amazingly – and surprisingly – easy. I am super excited for the after Christmas turkey sales. I will definitely grind my own meat again.

I am, pathetically, waiting to find a discount roast so I can make my own ground beef…

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