Mom and Daughter Escape

In the midst of the craziness of Thanksgiving, Big and I took off. We had to run errands (sincerely, I needed to get a lamp part and there was only one place I could get it).

But, we also needed some time.

Just us.

A little hanging out.

A little something special to hide away in our hearts during the bustle.


And what better place than Le Madeliene?

It’s “French”.

They have girly food.

And a fire.


And insanely delicious desserts.


So we stole some time.

And ate an early dinner.

And hung out.


And it felt like we played hooky from our obligations for just a little while.

And we kind of did.

Because sometimes when you’re 44 or 13, you need a break.

And a little treat.

And a chance to breathe and be yourself.

And a special little memory to hide in you heart.

And maybe a strawberry Napoleon.

I know I needed it.

Big needed it. She said it was her favorite part of the week.

How about you? Any special breaks this week? Please, make a plan for a little something special for you and a loved one during this crazy holiday season. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Or expensive. Just a little time to hide away and a memory to cherish.

Linked at The Modest Mom Blog


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