AWESOME Teen / Tween / Family Adventure

This week the family and I are visiting my husband’s relatives in Texas. It’s been an awesome trip so far!! The other day I was searching online for an activity for the kids – 12, 13, and 13 – and came across a website for


No, I wasn’t paid, compensated or asked to write this. We just used this services, it was awesome, and I want to share it!

Here’s a screenshot from their website:


Basically, it’s a service that you buy and it gives you access to the game on your smart phone. Here’s a run down:


The adventure is good for a team of up to 5 people. Ours, with a discount code from the website, was $44. For 3 teens and 2 chaperoning adults, I thought it was a great value! We didn’t stop for lunch or take many breaks, and it took the kids about 3 and a half hours. If I compare that to movie tickets – I think it’s a great deal and a much more fun memory maker!

So, what’s involved? Basically, you’d walk to the assigned location (good for the kids to have to learn directions, map reading, and spatial awareness!), and then figure out a clue to get the next location revelaed. The clues are word puzzzles, crosswords based on building plaques, elimination games, and more – and they teach about the trivia and history of the area. The kids had a great time with the puzzles and I think their ages were perfect to really “play” the game. Paper and pencils are a must!

On our route there were 18 and a few bonus questions. Our game was about 3 and half hours long, and I think from the car back to the car we walked about 4 miles. One of my only critiques would be to loop the route a little better – not to make it much shorter – but to get back to car and eliminate a backtracking kind of boring walk after all the fun.

On the whole, we will DEFINITELY do another one of the adventures. It was a blast. The kids struggled with sharing the phone, taking other’s ideas in to solve the puzzle on “their” turn, and teamwork – so it’s a great way to work on character and leadership issues as well as having a fun trip and exploring somewhere new. Yes, it even snuck in a bunch of history about the area…I’m a sneaky homeschool mom like that!! I HIGHLY recommend spending the money, taking a day (I’d figure in a lunch stop along the way – our route had TONS of cool looking restaurants!), putting on good shoes, and doing one of the Urban Adventures!


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