Road Trip

Saturday the family and I headed out on our Thanksgiving road trip. it was awesome because the WHOLE family made it for the ride. Often the kids and I drive and meet DH, or pick him up on the way, or we go as a trio. It was AWESOME having him there, and not just because I got to nap!! Trips are just more fun with him.

This was about the first hour out…


Zorse. He’s a mess. He drank WAY too much coffee this trip. Thankfully we don’t have to stop much with him…


Crossing the Mighty Mississippi. It’s so pretty. It’s also super cool how you go from the hills on the east bank, to the FLAT western bank in Louisiana.


Zorse was a willing model, while Big and Little used my phone for picture editing.


Other fun stuff on the trip – naps, snacks, video games, puzzles on the Kindle, books, books, books, snacks, football on the radio (and espn for the non-driver – GO ARKANSAS!!), audio dramas, and more puzzle games!

Are you road tripping this week? What do you have planned for the trip?


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