Weekly Review – Nov 21

I want to apologize in advance if this is the LAMEST Weekly Report ever. I wrote this long and witty report, but didn’t save it, so my ipad ate it for lunch. It was very sad. So, I’ll try and recapture some of the fun!

Sunday was the big Chili Cookoff at church. It was a blast!! We have a tiny fellowship – I refer to us as a “homechurch in a building” – and almost everyone brought chili. They were all delicious. On Saturday prepping for the cook off (and making chili for a friend to deliver her dinner), I made THREE separate trips to the grocery store.

Trip 1 – Red peppers. OK. Unless they’re cheap I don’t buy them…

Trip 2 – Onions. Seriously. I can’t believe I didn’t have onions!

Trip 3 – Cumin. Really. For chili. I went to the store and was met with this:


I started texting a friend from church accusing her (JOKINGLY) of sabotage. I did find some no-name cumin on another shelf and managed to save myself from TRIP 4. In the end, the cookoff was a huge success and much deliciousness was consumed by all!!

The school week went well. We managed to squeeze in a couple of medical appointments, too. Apparently I have ocular migranes, which while terrifying, are better than normal migranes. Middle Age and I are NOT friends. The kids had orthodontist consults, and we start down that road next month. Yikes. I also made it to a Troop Committee meeting for Little Boy Scout troop, were I took over as the Troop Committee Chair. (Now that I write this all out, it’s not a huge wonder that I’m tired!)

Despite our best efforts at making school fun this week, we were ALL ready to be done by Friday. We worked hard to finish the week strong – and I didn’t cross much off THE LIST. The kids even did 2 science lessons on Thursday, working late into the night after TKD, to have more free time on Friday. They did a great job. Math tests were completed Friday (we’ve made it to the halfway point in math!!!), and little wrap up work was done, and…


(In case you think my kids write this neatly – it’s my test – and it may be wrong! I forgot to grade mine…)

After the work was done on Friday we goofed off and did some baking. We are seeing family for Thanksgiving so many snacks needed to be made.


In total there were:
2 batches of Chex Mix
1 batch of sweet Chex Mix
1 batch Chocolate Chip cookies
1 large batch Ranch Oyster Crackers
1 batch saltine tofffee

We should be SET for a while.

And, after the snacks were made and school was done we worked on a Kinnex set and watched The King and I. Musical Thearter Thursday – on a Friday – was a big hit. It was a great, busy, productive week… “etc…etc..etc..”


I hope you had a FANTASTIC week. Are you taking a whole week off next week?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Review – Nov 21

  1. Hi!
    I am visiting you through the weekly wrap up. Sounds like you had a busy productive week!
    I love the idea of the musical theatre thursday. My 10 year old loves musicals, classic ones and newer ones.

  2. Love your recounting of your week. We too want to declare it over, but I’m going to try to squeeze in 2 short days. By doing this I hope we will be finish in April. I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap Up too!

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