Advent Resources – Middle School Edition

With Advent just around I wanted to share a few resources that we’ve used over the past few years that we really liked.

Advent is such a tough thing. I want SO MUCH for us to slow down and prepare our hearts to celebrate Christ’s birth – but it’s such a crazy busy time. Recitals… parties…. Christmas boxes… Special “Christmas only” events like ice skating, performances, etc. I want to take it ALL in, and make tons of memories, AND slow down. All at the same time.

Some Christmas traditions we tried have failed miserably. The Jesse Tree has bombed for years. The concept is so amazing – scripture, Christ from Genesis to His bith… Read, color an ornament, pray…. I just fail at it. I guess I have this mental picture of my kids sipping hot chocolate while relishing scripture time and quietly coloring intricate, heirloom-quality ornaments. We’ve NEVER lived up that image! Maybe I’ve let perfection be the enemy of completion with this one.

Adornaments. Another fail. Maybe this year we’ll pull it off. (I’ll have to post a picture of this when I open the boxes. It’s a series of stories and scriptures with 12 cardboard ornaments highlighting the names of Christ.) I think we’ve made it a week before…

But we have had a number of things we LOVE. And that WORK.

First, a couple of devotionals. They’re historical fiction, but really well done. I would recommend these for ages 10 and up since there is some suspense and family seperation, some violence, etc. We LOVE these books and usually pick one to read aloud as a family each year.


Jotham’s Journey for $7.99 on Christian Book


Bartholomew’s Passage for $7.99 on Christian Book


Tabitha’s Travels for $7.99 on Christian Book

You can also get a set of all three at Christian Book.

One other book we ALWAYS read at Christmas is an obscure book. It’s call A Light at Tern Rock and it’s brillliant. Absolutely BRILLIANT. It’s about a boy and his grandmother and a lighthouse and Christmas. I won’t say more. I adore this book as a read aloud to start the holiday season.


And, if you haven’t read it…

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I skipped this one for years, and I don’t know why. I think I had a block (like my not watching The Princess Bride because I was 20 and my mom liked it… That was a fail), and kept putting it off. It was a read aloud in a Sonlight core we did and I made myself read it. I LOVED IT. The kids loved it. We laughed and we totally got the lessons in the book. It’s wonderful. And funny!!


That’s my list. I might add more later as I unpack the Christmas books box or if we find cool new things this year. I LOVE Christmas and can’t wait to start the season!!



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