Life Skills – IKEA

Back in the fall we made a road trip that landed us near Ikea.

I love Ikea.

I mean, I LOVE IKEA.

It’s a really good thing we don’t have one within 5 hours of us, or my house might start looking like the adorable, but messy and lived in, family set up they always show in the catalog. I dream about the minimalist Scandinavian set up – but I am a little too realistic!

While we were there we bought two of the classic Ikea bouncy chairs for the former “Schoolroom” recently renamed “The Library”. Basically, it’s the schoolroom with no table and two cute bouncy chairs. đŸ™‚

Big graciously built the chairs for me. I think the ability to assemble flat pack furniture is a mandatory “life skill” that everyone should have before leaving home. LOL!!! At 13 she totally rocked it, so I am signing off that skill for her.

The subject:


The process:


The product:


The dog wasn’t found at Ikea, though I think she’d like it there. Lots of soft places to sleep, people to pet her, and meatballs.

What LIFE SKILLS are you requiring that your kids learn before the fly the nest??


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