Week In Review – 14 November 2014

You know it’s been a crazy week when you’re doing your Friday Week in Review on Sunday…


First off…. Iced Coffee. This week I drank ENTIRELY too much Starkbucks, so Friday was a home coffee day… and Sunday… I can’t believe how much better mine is. I wish my taste buds were more controlling than my general want of no work. It was delicious. Peppermint Mocha. Yum.

As I quote from last week (in an attempt to make this post sort of consistent week to week), “Overall we had a pretty productive week. The schedule was highlighted…books were read…stuff was written… math was fun. Pretty much the usual.” LOL!!

We did have some major changes this week. After lots of trips and training DH was home for a couple of days so we took advantage of that. Tuesday became “Torture Tuesday” with a family photo shoot… passport photos…. and flu shots. We were all done with the day by the end of TKD. We did get some math and science done Tuesday…

Wednesday was PASSPORT DAY. If you’ve even gotten your kid a passport you know what a TREMENDOUS hassle it is. I completely agree with the system, and making it a huge deal so some disgruntled parent can’t just leave the country with a child, but wow. It’s a lot. So, after a big fail at the first post office, and raging high blood pressure, we finished the task at the county court house. Praise The Lord!!! I’m glad that task is off the list for another 5 years. That and piano lessons took up most of Wednesday. We did get math done…

Academic highlights: Math tests were rocked this week, which is always a great encouragement to the kids… the new science kit was a huge hit (more on that later)…. Latin was a huge hit… writing got dropped a lot for — life.


Other Stuff: Big and I attended a wonderful choral concert Friday noght. It was amazing. I think I may change Thursday nights to “Musical Theater Thursday” as my kid’s knowledge of great musical theater is weak at best. Pop, DH’s dad came for a night, midweek. That’s always a great thing.

I had a massive sewing failure last week when I attempted a reversible wrap skirt. HUGE fail. LOL!!! I decided to re-engineer it into prizes for the church chili cook off….



Win!!! I loved them enough I kept one off each for me!! (I made 5 so there were plenty!) 🙂

Looking forward to the week ahead… Getting it all done… Ortho appointments for the kids on Monday, which I keep reminding myself about so I don’t forget… Finishing strong before taking a break at Thanksgiving… Not giving in to my desire to drop school and hang out… or sleep in…

Psalm 90:12
So teach us to number our days,
That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.

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