Goal Setting Monday

A friend and I are supposed to start meeting on Monday mornings for some fellowship and accountability. I was thinking it would be cool if we came with a list of goals we have for the week so we could encourage each other in specific areas. This week we’re not meeting until Wednesday, but I decided to post my list anyway…

+ Daily time in the Word
+ Get 3 verses of Romans 12 memorized with the kids

+ Complete all items on checklist for school this week
+ Accountability with encouragement…. (We’re in a stage….please let it be a stage…)
+ One night with no TV and a game night

+ Walk 5 times this week, 2 miles each, foot permitting
+ Make my coffee before bed
+ Complete 3 video sessions in the Lightroom Class I’m taking (you know, after I register for it…)

+ 2 trips to Starbucks this week… Not a minimum there….
+ Dining out: once with accountability partner, once with kids only

+ Rake front yard

+ Finish photoshop work on my Sunday shoot by weekend

So, what goals do you have this week? What are you working on? May I encourage you to make a list and check in next week!? It’ll be fun!!



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