Weekly Review – Nov 7, 2014


Proving how amazingly organized I am I’m doing my weekly wrap up… on Saturday morning. I DID have my Friday Coffee yesterday, but since I am blogging the wrap up today, I may need another. Yeah, that’s a good reason!! LOL!! I am looking forward to next week’s deals – BOGO from 2-5 at Starbucks. Yes!!

Overall we had a pretty productive week. The schedule was highlighted…books were read…stuff was written… math was fun. Pretty much the usual.


Academic highlights: Big blew a science test out of the water… Little crushed his math test…writing is going well…Grammar got dropped (more on that later)…We got back into Logic which was fun.


BJU science 8 is a HUGE hit in the house. I’d say it’s moderate for Little, and ENORMOUS for Big, so it balances out to HUGE. LOL!! Please note the CAP Art of the Argument Logic on the table there!


We had some wonderful weather this week so we sat out a couple of times. The problem with late warming in the South is that it always stirs up flying stinging things from their lairs. This one just wanted to hang out with us. The dogs were trying to eat it, so we went in. I doubt it would have stayed friendly very long.


NEW BOOKS!! There are few things that make us happier around here than a shipment of new books. I decided recently that we’ve all but worn out CLE grammar. The kids have done 5 years of it. Their writing and usage is solid. SO, we’re switching to Latin. I’m excited about it. I really couldn’t figure out where to smoosh in a foreign language – so dropping grammar creates some space in the schedule. It also is super grammar heavy, so they’ll still be getting grammar, but much more subtly. I am excited. BUT, with the books I needed to order for Latin, I HAD to add on some of the Horrible books. I’ll blog more about them individually, but my kids are HUGE fans. We just received the Horrible Science and Math. I love the quiet around here after a new shipment of books!!


With Christmas coming I HAVE to share the best gift EVER for the 10-14 crowd:


It is so much fun!! We own 3 and have gifted 3-4 more. The kids and I don our safety glasses (a must) and run around in the yard shooting at each other. It hurts, but nothing that age can’t handle. The arrows light up and whizz – so night games are even better. This set is for a niece we’ll be seeing at Thanksgiving.

And, if you haven’t read this book, I HIGHLY recommend it. It was wonderful. I started it Saturday about 7 and had it wrapped up by 9 the next morning. The extra hour helped a little since I stayed up late reading.


Looking forward to the week ahead… Latin. New stuff. And getting passports. I like to be ready for an adventure.




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