Today is Tueday.

Tuesdays are NUTS for me.

Good nuts. But nuts. LOL!!


Tuesday is Tae Kwon Do. And after class. And bible study. I usually run from 8-2 with school time, and then from 4:45-10 pm with everything else. I love it. It’s a tremendous blessing. But it’s crazy.

Tuesdays make me grateful.

Grateful we’re healthy and can run around for extra activities.

Grateful for two AMAZING ladies that I’ve met with nearly every Tuesday night for YEARS to study God’s word. AMAZING ladies. Life changing ladies.

Grateful that my husband doesn’t expect us to run around like this every day.

Grateful that my kids are focused on achieving their black belts. They have show a lot of wisdom in not wanting to add activities. I know they’d love one that meets Tuesday nights – but they know they’d be short changing both TKD and the new activity. They’ve chosen to focus, and I appreciate that a ton.

Grateful for a crock pot. And paper plates. And understanding kids and DH who don’t mind leftovers on Tuesday nights!!


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