Week in Review – 24 OCT 14

You know it’s been a long week when you have to look back at your calendar to see if there’s anything interesting that happened!

For this week in review I’m just going to give a few quick rundowns…. I think I’m out of practice for not having done this for so long!!

School work is going pretty well. We’ve completed through week 12 of our curriculum, so it’s exciting that we’re a third of the way through the school year. The kids are enjoying most of the curriculum picks with the exception of CLE language arts… I think that’s one you just kind of have to deal with!!  Big started in on Greek as an elective on the days when she doesn’t have to bo CLE reading and that’s been a lot of fun.

One huge academic thing that’s going very well is the way I’ve approached writing this year. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday the kids have to write two separate two paragraph summaries about what we’ve been reading in history. On Wednesday, because we have piano lessons, they do one, two.paragraph summary.  On Friday they’ve been working on a creative writing assignment which is pretty hysterical. It’s a very long and involved sci fi story with Big as the self appointed heroine. Basically, lots and lots of writing. I’m loving it.

Other stuff…

Little had a fabulous weekend camping with Scouts. He’s due for his First Class board of review any day. It’s looking like I’ll be the new Troop Committee chair. Yikes.

Big and I had a blast with the boys gone. Shopping, Project Runway, sewing. It was awesome.

The kids had dental checks this week. This is possibly my most dreaded check for them. I feel like it’s all me if they have cavities… Thankfully, both made it through with no cavities! We go see the ortho on November and likely Little will need some space made. We’ll see. We’re in the “wait”camp for braces, so we’ll see what we can do now to make that easier later.

Our free time had been full of Nerf-like bow and arrow wars. We have 3 bows and a bunch of arrows. Lots of running around, whizzing arrows (the whistle… loudly), laughing and hiding. It’s awesome. Night games are the best. My bow is hot pink. Love it!

TKD and piano continue on! 🙂 It’s been a good week!


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