This morning I was getting a radio station on Pandora ready to listen to while Little and I did math.

He asked if he could could pick the station, and I said, “No. I’ll pick. There was a recent study that said 85% of teens can’t multitask well – like doing school work and listening to music at the same time.”

He replied, “Well it’s a good thing that I’m in the 25 %.”

There was a pause which was broken by absolutely hysterical laughter. I was crying. Breathless. The laughing that hurts.

Once he picked himself up off the floor he told me, “That split second when my brain tells my mouth shut up…. Sometimes it’s just a little too long.”

At least his brain tells him that! I assured him his dad and I don’t have that voice!!


I think another brain disconnect happened here….

Glad I’m not alone in my foibles!!


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