Book Bub

If you are an ebook reader – then you MUST sign up for BOOK BUB!! No, I’m not hired by them or receive anything back from them – it’s just so great that I have to share!!

What is Book Bub? I took a screen shot of their website to answer that…


First, you register on their website. It’s free. When you register you select which genres of books you want to receive notifications about. Then, once a day you get an email. One email. And they never sell your information.

When you get the email, there are links to a number of sources to purchase (Amazon, B&N, etc.) so you can use your normal platform for the books. It’s super simple, and super easy. I’ve purchased about 20 books through them, and most were FREE. And, these aren’t no-name, random book! Admittedly, some are, but many are best sellers, cookbooks, and popular reads.

It’s a fabulous deal and the one commercial email I actually look forward to getting each day! Check it out – and let me know what you think!


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