Chattanooga with Teens and Tweens


Nearly 3 and a half years ago, my BFF and her family moved to Chattanooga, TN. It’s been a great move for their family and they LOVE the city. Through our visits and trips we’ve grown to love it too. If you do had to Chattanooga, particularly with kids, we highly recommend:

EATING, a lot.
The natural, local, delicious, reasonably priced food scene in Chat is awesome. I have mini foodie kids, but even if you don’t, there is great, delicious food that every kid will eat.

Our favorite places to EAT:
Good Dog – Hot dogs, fries, and amazing scratch made ketchup. By amazing, I mean you could DRINK the curry ketchup – an easy walk over the pedestrian bridge from the aquarium.
Clumpies – Fresh ice cream, and next to God Dog.
Milk and Honey – Great coffee, breakfast, and Gelato.
The Bluegrass Grill – The best breakfast food I’ve ever eaten. Insane. Go.
KaBobsters – A weird strip mall set up but fabulous Greek food. Their hummus is heavenly.
Jenny Darling Donuts – The best donuts anywhere. Ever. I prefer the holes, and love thesour cream. The kids love the oreo donuts.

Other delicious places:
Taco Mamacita
The Farmer’s Daughter

SHOPPING, a little.
We’re not big shoppers, but one place we always go is McKay’s Used Books. The size of Walmart – a big Walmart – but used books. Fast to turn stuff in, good prices, HUGE selection. We’re in the cycle now of returning old books we got there for new ones. It’s insanely great. If you’re book nerds, plan on a couple of hours for this stop!

My fave cool, local places spots to shop :
Blue Skies, and Go Fish. Both are in North Chat.

And, if you’re there at the right time, the Chattanooga Farmer’s Market is insane. Go hungry. Be ready to shop. It’s awesome.

We hike. We find little water holes to swim in nearby creeks. We chill with friends. We cardboard sled at Coolidge Park (a must!!). We walk the bridge. Because we live in Podunk, we shop at the usual mall spots, (and Hobby Lobby!). We sleep in and watch tv. We’ve done the local Junior Ranger programs at the Civil War sites (very cool). We’ve done the aquarium, which is cool but we’ve worn out. On our list of things we want to do but haven’t – outdoor glass building wall climb, and maybe a zip line tour (Big did one at the Creation Museum, and LOVED it).


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