Weekly wrap Up – 5 Sep 2014


It’s Friday!  Fridays are….. AWESOME!  What kind of iced coffee are you having today? ?

Big LOVES all thing peanut butter and chocolate, and if given the choice would eat PB and CC muffins every day. Little and I are [totally] burned out from them, but to compromise, we’ve designated Friday as PB CC Muffin day. They are yummy.  Here’s a pic:


This week’s wrap up will be fairly short. Things are kind of busy and I need to wrap up kind of quickly….

Monday was Labor Day and Little was sick, so it was a light day. I think science and Bible got done. I think…

Tuesday is HERE where I posted about a “Day in the Life of Middle School”. 

Wednesday we buckled down and worked to get caught up from Monday. We did fairly well. I walked with a friend, which is a true perspective check. Piano lessons rounded out the day.

Thursday was nuts. School. TKD. Meals to deliver for lunch…. and dinner! Grieving friend. A new baby. DH had to go to a funeral. Clean the house… I’m so grateful to serve, but I was tired!  The kids did well and we got a ton done, all things considered.

So, now it’s Friday. Today’s goals: math tests, science lesson, CNN student news,  and writing. I may get creative about writing… [Update : I did. Cool assignment for the next week in place!]

For the proposed of brevity I won’t break down the whole week,  but just a little of the good/bad:

Real life service, time with friends, ASL class was fun, room painting progress, My Side of the Mountain on audio (again), good health. Dad out of the hospital today.

We didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted. Or spelling. My knee is still swollen and sore, so my walking routine is suffering. More painting to do. Aftef putting the furniture back I realized that Big’s room needs a purging. She trends toward pack-rat-ed-ness. I have no want-to for that job yet.


3 thoughts on “Weekly wrap Up – 5 Sep 2014

  1. I can honestly say we Homeschooling Parents tend to be self-motivators who are extremely hard on ourselves. You’ve done a lot this week. Also, you have the entire school year to do the amazing things you have planned for your kiddos. But first, take care of yourself.

  2. Hope your knee improves soon. I sprained my ankle two weeks ago, and though I recovered fast, it definitely slowed me down for a few days! Gonna go print out those muffins recipe.

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