Day in the Life of Middle School

I’m doing my best here to share what a day in our life is like here with a 7th and 8th grader. I will say up front – TUESDAYS ARE OUR BUSIEST DAYS. By far. I have no idea why I picked Tuesday to share about….

5:00 – I’m up. Actually it was 4:58 when I looked at my phone. I don’t want to be up, but DH had to leave early and I woke up. I chill,  watch TV, text a friend who is enroute to a funeral. [As an aside, I can’t believe Jamie got eliminated from MasterChef! LOL!]

7:00 – Kids get up… slowly. Up too late last night. Forbidden Dessert. Lots of death and sadness near us, so the adults needed some extra kid time.

7-8 – Chores. Little feeds the dogs, and empties all the dishes from the dishwasher (which he ran last night with 5 cups and a handful of silverware in it, but hey, it’s now clean and empty). He forgets to sweep. Again. We’ll train more on that later. He’s 11. And recovering from a stomach bug so I’m nice. Big brings down the gathered laundry, and vacuums the dog areas. I do laundry and start breakfast. Little begins piano, then decides his hair itches… I seize the moment and usher him to the front porch for a haircut. Big seizes the unfilled piano chair and Little gets his hair cut to Stand Up for Jesus. It’s a peppy, slightly off key cut…. Then I head in to make breakfast and Little takes a shower.

8-8:30 Bible time. First we fiddle with finding everything… then what chapter we’re on… which highlights that I haven’t posted the weekly schedules yet… then we set up BibleIs… and realize we’re on the wrong chapter… Little is wiggly today… Ugh. I miss doing my journal sheet because I have to locate the weekly schedule sheets, cut the add on schedule form (one I made up to add math, LA, etc..), find what lessons we’re on for math, LA, etc…. It takes a little bit, but it’s done. Every Monday I swear I’m going to do it Friday afternoon. Maybe this week….

8:30 Scones and CNN. Mine are cinnamon chip. Kids are chocolate chip. The recipe is awesome and super easy. Served with watermellon, so I don’t get kicked out of the homeschool world. LOL! Carl Azuz isn’t that interesting today.


After CNN, we start science. This is normally easy. Today it isn’t. Nothing is easy today, apparently. We get the books out. I realize I need the TM. I get the iPad out… I have to log on and click through 15 screens to get to the TM. We review the section review questions, but since we didn’t have the books at first we have to double back and highlight all the questions. Then section 2… and 3…. And then the chapter review. Normally, I let the kids prep for the test on their own but it’s test 1… It takes FOREVER. We manage to squeeze in the test before ASL class. One kid bombs it. One I haven’t graded…. I don’t think they should have done that poorly, so must check into that.

9:45-10 – PANIC time. Today is the first ASL class with Homeschool Connections. My tech support set up all but the audio portions… I can’t find microphones… Then I find them and we connect. It appears that by 10 we’re actually working.


10:02 Silence. Kids are hooked up for ASL class.

10:20 Little’s computer isn’t working well… So we’re now on one computer. Need to call HSC later….

10:08 First cup of coffee. Finally. My knee is killing me. I did something to it while painting. Maybe it was the painting… LOL!! I take ibu, but not WITH the coffee…


11 – Science. The rest of the lesson. Glad to be moving on to new material. Kids are assigned reading before the lesson… “Wow. That helps Mom.” Seriously. Middle Schoolers! LOL!

While kids do science I realize “Cone” (not her real name… Her read name is “Red Sox of Fenway Park”, but goes by “Red”, or right now, “Cone”), needs a bath. She has a sore on her tail, is totally neurotic, and I want it cleared up before she heads to the kennel soon. We bathed her 3 days ago with anti itch shampoo and it helped her a ton. Today, I do it again. Yes, the shampoo was purchased for adults. Dogs get generic. This dog will get generic when I get to the store again… and remember to buy dog shampoo…



Tomorrow I will clean the bathroom. Washing a lab/retriever mix makes a mess. Just keeping it real here.


Out of focus because Cone gets very excited when you talk to her….or look at her….or she breathes.

Stuff that happens until 12:30 –
Kids do science, Big does reading, Little watches his math prelesson. I prep dinner and make lunch. DH looks at me weirdly, “Super Homemaker Day?” “I’m blogging about our daily life. Im bringing it today.” That, and TUESDAYS ARE NUTS.

12:30 – Unusual full-family sit-down lunch. Sweet BBQ hash browns. Made from leftovers. DELICIOUS stuff. Watermelon. Again.

1:00 Lunch is over and it’s time to get back to work. Did I already mention that 1. Tuesdays stink. 2. This is a mega stink Tuesday. Nothing like a real view of Middle School homeschooling! After lunch Big starts LA, and Little watches 2 math lessons. We’re one behind since he was sick yesterday and we HAVE to finish a test on Friday. Yes, I’m a little type A. Little and I start his math lesson. I crank through. He does not. LOL. Big finishes LA, and comes in to start math. Lesson 23 in Saxon Algebra 2. We work on math until about 3:05. It’s actually a pretty short day considering she got math and LA done, with a video, in about 2 hours. Rocking. I do go totally teen and skip problem 16 by accident, and totally forget to figure the wacky area of part of a circle for #18. Doing math with my kids makes me so much more sympathetic to the occasional brain burb….

3:00 Seriously. Will this school day ever end? I’m calling it at 3:30. We need a break. Kids need to work on forms for a few minutes before TKD. Belt test is coming up. I’m tired of school. Kids are tired of school. They’ve worked really hard today. Spelling is dropped for the day, as is writing. The writing annoys me, but we’ll get on it tomorrow when we’re doing one day, not two. I’m working to formulate a plan for tonight (I’ll be at Bible Study). I **rarely** give “homework” but for a bunch of reasons this week’s work must be done. Reading. The kids have to catch up on reading. That’s plenty of work for tonight.

3:14ish (I was going for drama…) Missing Sonlight book is located, and kids can catch up on that one tonight. DH and I wonder how school kids keep this pace up all day, every day. And the teachers. This is a much nuttier day than normal.

3:30 School called DONE for the day. Kind of. A little math and some reading will be caught up on tonight, but the rest of the week schoolwork should be done by 1:30-2ish. [Most of the reading will be done in the car to and from TKD.]


3:40-4:05 Forms practice. Grab gear for TKD. Refill caffeine… Quick clean my car.

4:00 – The afternoon / evening rush is on… A friend is at a funeral today, and her son needs a ride to practice… So here is my evening commute plan….

4:15 Leave the house to head to friend’s house to pick up her son (hereby known as FK – friend’s kid). High traffic both ways so leave early. Catch up with my brother en route – Dad still in hospital but stable. That’s good for today.

4:25 Pick up FK. Head to drop off.

4:31 Low fuel warning. Seriously. This day… Stop for gas. Grateful for light traffic and time to stop.


4:45 FK (Friend Kid) dropped at practice. Head to TKD with my 2.

5:00 Arrive at TKD for forms practice. Practice until TKD starts at 5:30.

5:30 – 6:20 – CHILL. Review bible study materials. Pray for friends. Breathe. Watch an adorable 8 week old sleep and hope she wakes up because I am the designated snuggler if she does wakes up. 🙂 She’s so beautiful.

6:20 Leave TKD to get FK from practice, leaving my kids at TKD.

6:35 Pick up FK, and drop FK at his next event. Hit grocery store. Cheese needed for diner is green. Buy more cheese. Head back to TKD to retrieve my kids.

7:15 Head home from TKD.

7:25 Home. Melt cheese on dinner.

7:40 Grab dinner in a Thermos… SO thankful that DH was home and could throw in the stuffed shells I prepped sauce for earlier. YUM!!!

7:45 Leave for Bible Study to pick up friend on the way.

8:00 Bible study (and dinner).

9:30ish Finish Bible Study and head home, dropping friend at home.

9:50 I get home – kiss the kids. Do a crossword with DH. Praise God for a full and amazing day, and be extremely grateful that Tuesday is a week away!!

Anyone else want to share what life is like homeschooling Middle Schoolers?



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