More Progress


We’re on our way!! First two caots are done.


I love the color. Big *LOVES* the color.

I am glad that we’re finally making progress.

Saturday we went to look for bedding and room stuff… FAIL. LOL!! Big wanted one teal blanket… I am no decorator, but I think teal on teal on teal is a no. We laughed a ton, almost got hit by lightening at Hobby Lobby, and came home to paint.  My dear BFF (and mom to triplet teen girls) had committed to the room shopping trip with Big next weekend.  I think she’ll do a much better job than me!  Big is thrilled.

Yesterday we tried to get new blinds… Apparently Lowe’s doesn’t think anyone is doing projects on Labor Day weekend because the guy working blinds said to me, “I have no idea how to cut those. The only person who does won’t be in until tomorrow. ” Nice. Fail on that one Lowes. Im considering taking my business elsewhere. I seriously hate being held hostage to terrible customer service because I live in a small town.

Today: more paint (I kind of forgot the closet alcove), put the room back,  and take some ibuprofen!


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