The Dreaded Timeline

Maybe I am the only mom who has dreaded the timeline. I know it’s important to see the progression of things, and I know it’s important to know the dates and order of events…

But it’s a pain.

We’ve tried.

We’ve done the wall… and the book…

We’ve tried notebooking the stuff.

It’s all been a fail. (For the record, the wall worked OK when the kids were told to do, I watched them, I helped with dates, and we had room to keep it up all the time. Yeah, so like, for a week…)

Well, it’s the beginning of a new year so I have delusions of grander again. This year’s version includes lots of writing and keeping a timeline.

Enter – Timeline Builder APP for the ipad. It’s put out by Knowledge Quest and it totally, completely rocks the house.


Why do I love it?

1. It gets done. The kids are older now so they can manage the dates and information from the Sonlight Blue Book and get them into the computer. The can do it.

2. It’s fun for them. The ipad is still cool.

3. The linking of the timeline to add pictures and stuff is so cool and the kids love it.

So we’re on Week 4 of the school year and the timeline is actually working. And I am thrilled. Now, on to writing…


Linked at “Starts at Eight”


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